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VoiceLink has developed a vast array of features to satisfy our customers. We know that running a business can be hard, so we strive to ensure that you have the tools to streamline and ease your and your employees' work. Many of our integrated features are utilized in the same VoIP systems of Fortune 500 companies, and we are continuing to develop and add to our expansive feature list. Scroll down to see what your business can utilize from the #1 VoIP provider in Metro Detroit, VoiceLink.

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Your callers can search the number of the person that they are trying to reach in an organized directory.

Don't worry about your phone number changing when you sign up for VoiceLink. If you want to keep your old number, VoiceLink allows that.

Our phones support analog or bluetooth headsets for clearer communication.

After hearing your greeting message, the caller will say their name. The system can then connect with you to ask if you would like to speak with the caller; the caller will meanwhile hear hold music.

Collaborate with many people on one call to save money talking to multiple employees simultaneously and to conduct meetings over the phone, saving travel time.

Make and receive as many phone calls as you want without any added costs or hidden fees. The flat payment rate does not change based on your call volume.

If your internet goes down, rest easy, because our product can redirect your calls to mobile or to different phone numbers when your system does not work.

Our phones support Bluetooth, so that you can connect headsets and speakers to your phone.

Take business calls when you want and where you want - forward calls from your business phone line to any other phone at any time.

Receive and answer multiple calls at the same time without your customers receiving a busy signal.

Allow users in your organization to know when you're on the phone or away. The receptionist can know when to send calls or not to.

As opposed to a typical phone with a black and white screens, all of our phones have color LCD screens to allow you to view information more clearly.

A user can work from home or use their mobile devices on the field to dial into the VoiceLink system.

Manage your VoiceLink system from an online portal with a simple layout, allowing you to administer your phone system anywhere and easily.

If you're receiving spam calls from numbers that you want to block, VoiceLink offers number blocking at no additional cost.

With VoiceLink, don't worry about buying hardware: the phones are provided for the length of the contract. Any damage or technical problems will be fixed or replaced for no cost.

Don't worry about missing a detail or forgetting a crucial piece of information anymore! Call recording allows you to keep a record of all of your calls.

Never miss a call – customize your virtual receptionist so that callers are automatically routed to the appropriate department or extension with the help of our auto attendant.

Give your employees public phone numbers that dial directly to their desk, bypassing the virtual receptionist and without waiting.

Make reports of how many calls you've received, the durations of your calls, and other technical information to stay informed on your telecommunication usage and metrics.

Set business hours and after hours to allow a message to be played to callers after hours or handle calls when you're out.

If you are receiving many calls simultaneously, call queues allow you to place callers in line and on hold on a first-come first-served basis.

VoiceLink provides unlimited video conferencing over Zoom to allow for unlimited face-to-face collaboration over mobile or desktop devices.

VoiceLink's phone systems are cloud based. No onsite hardware is required on your part because our equipment is located off site at our data center.

Ring group allows you to have multiple phones ring when one extension or number is dialed, allowing you to share incoming calls among your employees.

Save money with conference bridging, which allows you to connect multiple phones or people through your VoiceLink system.

Enjoy the clarity of high definition voice, allowing you to evade the grainy, low quality audio of a typical phone call affected by poor call network.

Set a name and ID that displays when you call someone so that the recipients of your calls know your business's name and number before they even pick up.*

*Not guaranteed – caller ID is not centralized and each carrier has its own database.

If you are not at your desk, follow me will persistently attempt to reach you so that you don't miss a call. Follow Me will keep trying to find you using a succession of numbers/extensions.

With VoiceLink you can listen to your voicemail through your email. No more worrying about messages sitting on your phone unanswered.