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VoiceLink is a product of Active Solutions Group, a Michigan based IT company since 2003. VoiceLink was launched in 2008, on the cusp of the major move from traditional phone systems to Voice over IP systems. Since then, we have striven to deploy the most affordable and robust systems to cater to the needs of small businesses. It is our belief that even small businesses should have all of the telephony advantages of large organizations in order to stay competitive at a manageable price. The VoiceLink product has evolved over the years to meet the new demands of the workplace, and we continue to add additional features. We depend on you, the customers whom we service, just as you depend on us to deliver a quality product with superior service.

Excuse us while we flex our muscles

Good Guys

(That's us)


Our office location in Metro Detroit allows us to provide on-site support and assistance from a close location. We're a Michigan based company who helps other Michigan companies.

Flat Rate

Taxes, fees, and all costs are included in one simple, easy monthly rate. We have no surprises and no hidden fees, and the flat rate is the same every month — consistent and simple.

No Upfront Costs

Because you believe in us, we believe in you. We won't charge you upfront, and we offer free training and free hardware as a part of our monthly rate. We want to help you succeed.

Everything's Included

The flat rate includes all of our features, highlighted here. Everything is offered without additional fees, so don't worry about paying extra to receive extra features or updates; you get everything upfront.

Support that You Deserve

We will pick up your calls and engage you with personalized support. Our well-trained employees are happy to speak with you to solve your problem quickly and effectively. We can even come to your location to help you out.

Bad Guys

(Everyone else)

So Far Away

With untrained and outsourced customer support from the other side of the world, expect no real help from the bad guys; they won't do anything but waste your time.

Traditional Billing

Their pricing can change month-to-month and won't be reliable or easy in the slightest. You'll need a PhD in bill-reading just to comprehend your phone bill. Expect plenty of surcharges and exploitative billing techniques to steal your money.

Pay to Play

Other companies won't trust you like VoiceLink does. When it comes to customer support or fixing your broken phones, forget about trust. They only seem happy to help you when you give them your credit card. Until then, you're just another phone call.


Competitors will give you very few features for your base price, and then they'll make you take on more charges for standard features. That small, cheap monthly rate turns into an expensive, twenty page long bill listing charges upon charges for different features.

Talk to a Robot

You'll know all the hold music playlists by the time you're done waiting for someone to talk to, and then you get to deal with someone who barely has any idea what they're talking about. By the time you're done with your support call, you'll have wasted an hour or more of your day just for a chance at resolving your issue.